Chris Compton



Chris Compton grew up in the Woodbridge area of Northern Virginia, near the mighty Occoquan river. At a young age he could be seen conducting WETA orchestra specials on the television as well as having regular pot and pan jamborees at the chagrin of his parents. In fifth grade at the age of 10, he began playing the violin. His love for music quickly grew when he got his hands on a broke down guitar his Grandpa had laying around, with only two strings left for the pickin'.


Fast forward many years later and he became a well known musician in the area, showcasing his talents in the top Orchestra at Woodbridge High, as well as on the electric guitar in the school Jazz band. There he completed the Center for Fine and Performing Arts educational program. He got a head start in the world of live performance with the support of Stafford areas Bella Café, which hosts many rising music stars. While sifting through several different genres of music, he has refined his Indie style as most reminiscent of Folk and Americana/Bluegrass but also enjoys playing blues, rock, alternative, and pop tunes.


Through the tumultuous years of working and attending school at NOVA and subsequently George Mason University, he has remained steadfast in his pursuit of music, collaborating with many other area musicians.  His ultimate goal is to bring others joy, inspiration, and healing with his music. You can find him on twitter at @cyberspacechris.